Live Podcast – A place to call home

Sam Fryer, an ardent beef producer based in North Queensland, Australia, is eager to share his story. Together with his wife Emily and three children, they actively manage a thriving cattle business on agistment in the region, all while harbouring the ambitious dream of one day owning their own property. Sam’s journey in the Australian beef industry commenced after leaving school, granting him diverse experience across the nation. He takes great pleasure in collaborating with and learning from the individuals who contribute to the industry, drawing inspiration from their stories.

Motivated by these tales, Sam and his family have set a significant goal – to own a place they can truly call home. Their determination and journey will be shared with a broader audience, as Sam is set to conduct a live podcast at the upcoming Festival of Outback Skies. This platform will provide an opportunity for others to gain insights into his experiences, challenges, and aspirations as a beef producer in the Australian outback. Sam Fryer looks forward to connecting with fellow enthusiasts, sharing his passion for the industry, and fostering a sense of community at the festival.

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