BBQ Demonstration

Looking to improve your skills with the BBQ? Come along and watch some talented fellas from Townsville BBQ Battle show you how it is done.

Get ready for sizzling steaks, perfect wings and all the tidbits on how to make every BBQ delicious. This fiery demonstration brings together the grill masters and BBQ enthusiasts from Townsville. The air will be filled with the tantalising aroma of smoky goodness as the team showcase their skills and creativity in demonstrating how to craft perfect barbecue dishes.

More information:

9:30am – How to cook a steak
11:30 am- Smoked sausages (Hotlinks)
1:30 pm- Smoked chicken wings

Meet Your Chefs:

Paul Miller (MILLWOOD JNR)

Is a qualified Chef, and currently Operations Manager/ Secondary Food Teacher at a school. Paul is the Co Founder of the Townsville BBQ Battle that was established in 2019 and held at Strand Park with an attendance of 12,000 ppl.

Paul is also a low and slow practitioner and Co founder of Millwood BBQ



Dennis’ family hails from the US of A and he spent many years in Texas, the home of Low and Slow Barbecue. Dennis was an intergal part of the Townsville BBQ Battle commitee that helped bring a large BBQ event to the Townsville region in 2019. He is an avid practitioner of Low and Slow and Co founder of Millwood BBQ

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