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Do We Need Another Hero? is a tribute to the history of heroism starring some of Queensland’s best talent. Singing our way from Hercules to Hamlet; Wonder Woman to the Working-class Man this show asks audiences the question: in a world connected yet divided, Who’s Gonna Save Us?

Chart topping anthems and unique mashups about bravery and heroism from artists like The Beatles, David Bowie, Beethoven and Bizet provide the soundtrack for our story as we search for what it means to be a hero. Exploring the musical archives, we discover that not all heroes wear capes.

From the creative minds behind Are You Lonesome Tonight and Lady Sings the Maroons, this new musical showcases Queensland’s finest talent including Marcus Corowa, Luke Volker, Jason Barry-Smith and Shikara Ringdhal. Sing along with these artists as they take songs you know and love and weave them into a story for the whole family.

Do We Need Another Hero? asserts that each person possesses a unique superpower, and grand acts of courage need not always make headlines. A joyful celebration of song that delights audiences and encourages them to reflect on the idea that everyone can be a hero, if only for a day.



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