For the Love of Reading


Steve’s love of words emerged from his bush upbringing in the fifties on Magnetic Island. This meant no electricity, no reticulated water; no telephone or television. Beyond the outside playground of rocks, beaches, creeks and trees, indoor games and books were pretty much all there was. Words and writing have continued in Steve’s professional life.

He is co-founder of an education and personal development company, CDN Pty. Ltd., and has published a collection of children’s books including, “The Bee’s Knees”, “The Ant’s Pants”, “Naree the Fire Lady”, “Jodi and the Turtle”, ”The Cat’s Whisker”, ”Pig and ‘Roo go to Kathmandu” and ”Rodney the Unicorn Fish Who Lost His Way”.

Steve is founder of Green Tale Publishing and, in 2021, with his wife and business partner Heather, co-founded The Townsville Tea Company. Steve currently enjoys a bush lifestyle at Alligator Creek in North Queensland.


Sunday 11am – 12pm
Location: Coolabah Tree FREE event

Participants are invited to bring a copy of their favourite book and one they would like to share with the group (Please note: We might not be able to read them all.) By the end of the session, participant will have:

  1. Shared their love of story-telling and reading in a relaxed, family atmosphere
  2. Made new connections with other book lovers
  3. Experienced story-telling as a vehicle for sharing common values and enriching family relationships

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